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main features:

1. Four 8273 chips for four channel operation.
2. Each channel can be set to it's own Baud rate.
3. Each channel supports a synchronous or asynchronous modem.
4. 2 - 8273s for six programmable timers.
5. Line timeouts by timer for each channel.
6. 2 - AMD9519A chips to provide 16 directly vectored priority interrupts supporting any type of microprocessor. 8080, Z-80, 8085, 8088, 8086, and just about any other type of microprocessor since this chip can be programmed for the interrupt type.
7-Jumper selectable for either two 2716 or two 2732 EPROMs on board with contiguous addressing.
8. Hardware timeout on request-to-send lines causes vectored interrupt to monitor for transmit lock on detection.
9. Software failure causes vectored interrupt to monitor.
10. Timers and HDLC channels operate with interrupts.

Well, these are the main features. The boards were designed to act in station nodes in our network. Bob Livingston, VE7CYB has expressed an interest in wire-wrapping an identical board for you so that our software for the station node program would run in your system directly. Or vice-versa, any programs that you write would run in our system as well. The board is very dense with the four channels and could not be made into a two-sided S-100 PC board. I hope that answers your questions. The only other person I know who is working on making a board of this type is Stu Beal in Hamilton but he is not finished the board yet which is also wire-wrapped and is somewhat similar to our earlier board.

If you are still interested, please write again. I may be able to supply you circuit diagrams for these boards.

73, Doug, VE7APU


Date: 02-SEP-81 0915 PDT

From: H. S. Magnuski, KA6M
To: Packet radio enthusiasts
Subject: Summary of our September packet radio seminar

The third seminar in our series on packet radio was held last evening, and was attended by 25 people. The theme of the meeting was "Interfacing to the Network".

Announcements -

Howard Nurse, W6LLO, has his 20M packet station available for schedules. He would like to make some contacts to checkout the equipment, as no one else in this area is ready. The station will, in general, be connected to the mailbox system here, but it is currently not continuously on. Please call me or Howard, or send us a message.

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