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two VADCG boards "back to back" and try and cure the problem that way. This is fraught with a lot of problems and I am trying to Put some other members of the brotherhood who are in the transmission business on it so we can measure it all and make it work because we understand it rather than our current method.

2. In addition we have no idea what the proper TLP's for the earth station connect points are as well we have no info on the specs for delay distortion and impulse performance. If the hunt and peck method doesn't work we will have to go back in and have a go at it.

Listening in to the system via the satellite down link is probably not possible as the foot print on the earth is much more controlled from the results we get on 4/6 GHz. I have easily looked at ANIK on 4/6 in South Carolina but I suspect that the 12/14 is much further down - like about 15 to 20 db or more. it is not likely that you would be successful in pulling such a thing off. I am also not aware of the band plan or the sub carrier plan for the system so it might be a bit much.

Our intent for this is to show that it can be done and desperately try to put some non amateurs on our Ottawa Computer Group Community Bulletin Board through to a similar type of person in Vancouver. This is what the ultimate aim is and we still have a chance to pull this one off. After that it would be interesting to see what we could do with it and how we could get people to use the thing. In the series sense it is a lot of stuff to get running all at once and frankly if we didn't have our message resource between us the progress would be frankly one tenth of speed.

So for now that's about it. I can answer any questions the group might have and try and be more specific on points if anyone is interested.

de Larry VE3QB


Date: 24 OCT 1981 21:20 PDT
To: All packet radio stations
From: Hank Magnuski, KA6M
Subject: Notes on October 16th meeting at Gaithersburg

Here are some notes and impressions on the meeting I recently attended. A more complete report will be given at our next seminar.

1. The meeting was attended by 75-80 people. Quite a few in attendance were very well qualified and knew a lot about packet networking. I predict the meeting will have a wide ranging impact and be a big push for packet radio. The conference proceedings will be very widely distributed, I think.

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