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5. Brian Yee (KD6LI) is the seed member of the hardware committee. Brian will do preliminary research on site, and frequency possibilities. He will also research possible sources of equipment. Brian will present his findings to the steering committee.

6. Curtis Spangler (N6ECT) has agreed to chair the public relations committee.

7. Bob Reiling (W6JHJ) has been appointed to chair the external affairs committee.

8. Hank Magnuski (KA6M) and John Gilmore are seed members of the software development committee.

9. Jeff Sue (WA6SLF) has agreed to research a new mailbox for packet radio.

10. The next steering committee meeting will be held on 8 February 1 982, at 8:00 PM at 644 Ashbury St., San Francisco. Contact Curtis 552-3430 for directions.

1l.The first PPRS membership drive and meeting will be held on 23 Feb 82 at a location to be announced at a later date.

The Pacific Packet Radio Society Steering Committee members are:

Dave Engle N6FTZ
John Gilmore GNU
Hank Magnuski KA6M
Ed Mersich WA6RZW
Bob Reiling W6JHJ
Curtis Spangler N6ECT
Jeff Sue WA6SLF
Brian Yee KD6LI

FILE QST.82.01.23-O.GNU

Gnu here....this is the promised TNC wishlist.

John Gilmore, 401-1/2 Clayton St, SF, CA 94117 415-864-2891 "GNU"

Wish List for a new Terminal Node Controller board

(1) 8 bytewide memory sockets (28-pin) with addressing jumpers or prom flexible enough for 16K, 32Kp or 64Kbit chip use. it should be possible to mix sizes as long as you don't mind holes in your address space; better would be random mix without holes. Please, Please, get rid of the 2708's and go with 5 volt only chips.

(2) One or two LED numerals, or a set of LED lights, on the board. For displaying the status of the soft ware/hardware.

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