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experimental period: the network level (3A) protocol may be performed with datagram or virtual circuit techniques, and the internetwork protocol ( 3B) has parameters which should be investigated before standardizing. For the latter protocol, the NBS Internet Protocol has been preferred by all active groups, and AMRAD has devised a good addressing scheme to fit within the standard's boundaries.}


No attempt shall be made by this standard to specify any higher-level network layers of the Amicon network.\The NBS is currently working on higher-level protocols for networks, and has five Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) standards, of which the #2 protocol is probably most appropriate. The Bureau is aware of our current activities, and will be sending complete documentation and coding (listings and machine-readable code written in C and PASCAL) to assist in AMSAT's Amicon experiment. Copies of Internet Protocol (IP), TCP, and session control protocols are being delivered.}

73, Den


To: Hank
From: Den

I'm going to have to talk to you over the phone very soon, so advise me if there is a good or bad time.

I would like to coordinate a joint effort between the PPRS and TAPR for a presentation at the SW convention. I'll be in town a few days early (looking over Linkabit's latest offerings in packet radio and satellite codecs), and will be able to make arrangements as required. I'll be speaking to Fried Heyn tomorrow, the SCM for Orange County. I would like to set up demonstrations with you, and present introductory information on PR with booths, talks and the forum. The reports from Dayton were pretty depressing, with the forum apparently not organized well at all. We did present our alpha boards there incidentally.

We are now trying to size up the order to the PC manufacturer for the beta test boards. Pete Rowe will be calling you from your area, and would like to be in the beta test. Could you find someone from among your group who would be willing to spend some time working with owners of TAPR boards in your group? Chuck will be sending fairly complicated inspection and evaluation forms, and Lyle will want the beta site coordinator to put a 2732 PROM burning circuit that he designed into the wire-wrap area. Dave N7AIG is putting a complete, interpreting FORTH in PROM, so that the protocol in the boards may be changed on the spot, allowing a much quicker way of correcting errors and modifying protocol.

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