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That concludes the mod's necessary to quadruple both the ram and rom address space. Note that if you are willing to partition your ram into discontinuous 1K blocks (or 2 discontinuous 2K blocks) you can make the 2732 mods and continue to use the 21 14 rams but quadruple your prom address space. With the current low prices on 2732's. You could also double both your prom and ram address space by using a pair of 2732's (8K total), the original 21 14's (4K total) and 2 6116's (4K total RAM). This change would require that the ROM write-inhibit logic be disabled (U7-pin 4 grounded instead of tied to U7 pin 3, for example).



Hank -

With the '2' callsign, I WAS hoping Steve was in our area... Oh, well.. His suggestions on the VADCG board sound appropriate. My preference would be to doctor the negatives and reshoot the board with decoding forthe 2K x 8 EPROMs and RAMS, eliminate the 2114 sockets, and put \decoded} 24 pin sockets (eight of them) across the top of the TNC board.

As an aside, Hank, I have been thinking more and more about the implications of the TAPR protocol (although I still can't see it in its entirety). By definition, the GLOBAL network will be a WEB type topology. Even regional nets will have a WEB RATHER THAN A STAR-TYPE STRUCTURE. In principle, why not extend that to the local net? Maybe its the aesthetics of it - you know, the symmetry, but I think TAPR is heading in the right direction for an amateur network...

About AMICON, I think we have a reasonable interim document. When do you want to 'publish' the protocol/hardware interim standards?

Forgot to mention the 220 radios.... I spoke with Ed Clegg the other day, and he has been doing a little foot-dragging. I know he'll go through with it soon, but he is in the process of merging with another company, and hasn't had the time to do the inventory. It is based on this inventory that he will calculate the going price for the FM-21s. Mine has been in service and interfaced with the TNC board for quite some time. It has been eminently reliable. Expect the going price for the FM21s to be in the range of $30 to $60, depending on that inventory. Also, let it be known that I do NOT intend to profit from this venture. Aside from postage/shipping charges, any packeteer desiring an FM21 will get it at my cost - until the supply runs out.

Steve, W2FPY


To: Hank

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