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communication make it imperative that this mode be generally available. Beta is a necessary step in this process. Only after the system has been thoroughly field-tested will it be released to the Amateur community at large.

As may be seen, Beta Test is not merely promotional hype, nor is it a disguised marketing effort. It is , in fact, a comprehensive testing procedure designed to maximize the utility and help promote the acceptance of Packet Radio by the Amateur Community. If San Diego is any clue, Packet will be to the 1 980's what FM was to the 70's and SSB was to the 60's.

If you would like more information on Beta Test, or desire to participate, please contact TAPR at the address given at the end of this column. Beta Test will be limited to 75 boards. boards.

Next month, we'll list some of the more commonly heard questions about Packet Radio, as well as the answers. A report on Alpha progress will also be included. 73 from the TAPR Hardware gang

On other fronts, Mike Parker, now KT7D9 and the Microwave committee have chosen the parts for the solid-state L-band linear amplifier for the AMSAT phase IIIB transponder. We have a new public relations group, headed by Margaret Morrison, KC7MA, who will be handling information requests and publishing a monthly newsletter. We are looking for volunteers to help with hardware and software efforts, especially people with appropriate backgrounds.

If you are interested in more information on any or all of our activities, please contact us at the following address:

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
P.O. Box 22888
Tucson, AZ 85734

We are at a critical phase in our development as a group, and could certainly use as many members now as there are persons interested in packet radio. Your support at this time will make a difference in the acceptance of packet radio as a viable medium now and in the future.



To: All Interested Packeteers
From: N6ECT, Curtis
Date: June 12, 1 982
Re: Question

What can be done now to increase packet activity and range when local network activity decreases and who can invest the

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