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hir own service functions in distant nodes.

The network users are primarily radio and computer amateurs. Their participation will provide ample possibilities for large scale experiments. As the network has no built-in hierarchy, control is maintained through distribution (over the network!) of proper system software.

At present, suitable low-cost hardware is built and network functions are being defined.

Comments are highly appreciated and may be forwarded directly to Jens Zander or Robert Forchheimer at the following address:

Dept. of Electrical Engineering
Linkoping University
S-581 82 Linkoping


To: All Interested Packeteers
From: Curtis, N6ECT

The following message created by Gordon Beattie, WB2CAM and picked up on the Packet Radio Bulletin Board in Chicago at (312) 759-7005.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we're here in New Jersey doing all kinds of things related to packet radio. We have a two meter packet repeater on 146.535 using the Vancouver protocol and TNC board. We have a system of dial-up bulletin boards with on the air via Ham Radio testing under way. The software is available for free !! Just leave a note on :

R.A.T.S. 1 201-887-8874 (MIKE FRIEDMAN WB2WNX)
R.A.T.S. 2 201-785-3565 (GORDON BEATTIE WB2CAM)

The software runs on a TRS-80 model I or III under NEWDOS 80 V 2.0. In conjunction with other groups, we are developing a high speed packet system (RF and Computer) to run at about 48 KBAUD. We are developing a protocol which will provide virtual circuit service via packet radio. This is much superior to the present single hop, non-routed message forwarding technique. The protocol will first be brought up on the TNC boards that the Tucson Group has put together, but we are probably going to come up with a version for the Vancouver boards and naturally for our 48 KBAUD system. For some basic info on our protocol, you can contact us or read the CCITT recommendation X.25, specifically the sections referencing the level three (packet) protocol. If more information is desired we may be contacted at the above numbers or at 201-785-2324 (voice). Please understand that I am often not at home, but with reason feel free to call up until 01:00 or 02:00 depending on whether the next day is a work day!!

73, Gordon Beattie, WB2CAM

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