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To All Packeteers
Subj: Call for Articles on Digital Modulation Techniques

At the AFCEA Amateur Radio luncheon on June 16, 1 had the chance to talk with Jan King, W3GEY. He asked whether QEX would be a good place to publish technical articles on digital modulation techniques such as QPSK and MSK. I recalled that Den Connors, KD2S and Steve Robinson, W2FPY had mentioned that they had some good written material as well as the possibility of generating an article. (Also, I just received via this channel a message from Den offering an article for QEX on "Modulation and Coding Techniques for Amateur Packet Radio," which I'm happy to accept.)

All I can say is that articles on QPSK and MSK would be particularly welcome at this time. Certainly, they are candidates for both terrestrial and satellite packet operations. Also, I sense a lack of knowledge on these modes by hams with a good appreciation of FSK and AFSK.

Both the AMRAD Newsletter and QEX can be conduits for articles such as these. The AMRAD NL is read by many packeteers in the U.S. and Canada. QEX has a larger circulation to experimenters in general and some packeteers. Both have some size constraints for economic reasons. But of the two, QEX is better able to handle more of the longer articles (e.g., four printed pages).

So that we can start "singing out of the same hymnal" on this subject, I include, below, some technical papers which you may wish to look up if you haven't already run across them:

Mathwich, Baleewiez and Hechtg "The Effect of Tandem Band and Amplitude Limiting on the Eb/No Performance of Minimum (Frequency) Shift Keying (MSK)," IEEE Trans. on Comms., Vol. Com-22, No. 10, October 1974.

Gronemeyer and McBride, "MSK and Offset QPSK Modulation," IEEE Trans . on Comms. , Vol. Com-24 , No . 8, August 1976.

Murota and Hirade, "GMSK Modulation for Digital Mobile Radiotelephony," IEEE Trans. on Comms., Vol. Com-29, No. 7, July 1981.

Simon, "A Generalization of Minimum-Shift-Keying (MSK)-Type Signaling Based Upon Input Data Symbol Pulse Shaping," IEEE Trans. on Comms . , Vol. Com-24, No. 8, August 1976.

More good refs and/or an organized bibliography would be welcomed.

73, Paul, W4RI


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