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Unknown command from TIP input (--x where x undefined).

I believe we can already patch interrupt vectors as they are in RAM, yes? If not, indirect each interrupt routine thru a RAM location so it can be paxx patched.

This will give much flexibility in future development without redistribution of proms. And will also correct the few outstanding complaints about TIP and solve a DG performance bug while adding a general feature. Wish I could do these myself but time and lack of equipment presses me to hope that you can find them pretty easy to slide in.

It has just occurred to me that I can make the Ron Cain Small-C compiler available on my Unix system at Sun, to generate 8080 assembler input from C programs (which can probably be debugged under Unix C for ease). Small C lacks quite a number of features from C, but is a useful subset, is public domain, and is being continuously enhanced by the general public (see Dr. Dobbs' Journal, where new updates to it tend to be published.) I have it online at MIT and can download it. Then if a packet system becomes available to be put online to the Unix system (and can reach the repeater from Santa Clara), it can be put up as a second host on the net, and can be used to do development and subsequent downloading into VADCG boards or later TAPR boards. The amazing professionalism of the TAPR effort amazes me; I hope they can keep up the time required to get their system totally out into the world. I figured it would take much longer to get "turnkey" packet radio stations out into the world; it still will, because of radio interfacing and licensing requirements but two major parts (hardware building and debugging and cpu-modem purchase and connection) have been eliminated, or hopefully soon will be. Maybe before another 2 years I can run a packet station. (Tho actually at Sun I spend a lot of time around hardware people, and have learned a lot...maybe could debug another bare board now. But don't want to .... have too much software that needs doing anyway. I can wait for the turnkey stuff.

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Hank I just received this through a DL thought you might be interested.

01932 00024 US

Date: 15 July 1982 12:27 pm EDT (Thursday)

From: Sewhuk,HENR

Subject: Re: Packet Radio Internals

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