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the moment, AMTOR is in competition with Docket 82-83 (NOI/NPRM for phone subband expansion, see September, 1982 QST, p.10) for FCC time. Because of the present FCC backlog a nd finite resources for handling rules changes, other hf' data communications experimentation should go the special temporary authority (STA) route for now. A permanent rule change affecting the hf bands is a more complicated procedure than at vhf and above because the signals easily propagate outside the U.S. This makes it necessary for the FCC to be careful that international treaties and ITU regulations are observed.

As you may have heard, the President signed into law certain changes to the Communications Act of 1934 which included those requested by the League. That happened the evening of September 13. If that followed in less than 24 hours with the FCC passing Docket 81-699 doesn't signal a new ball game for Amateur Radio, tell me about it.

73, Paul, W4RI


September 24, 1982

To: Members of ARRL Committee on Amateur Radio Digital Communications

Enclosed is a copy of the FCC's Report and Order on PR Docket no. 81-699, Use of additional Digital Codes in the Amateur 97-69(b) (2) on page 2 of the Appendix, about 3.5 inches from the top. I think that it should have read 11281, instead of 112911 MHz. I have informed Chris Imlay who will bring it up with the FCC. I suggest that you look this over carefully and let me know what you think of the new rules above 50 MHz. Still pending is a rule change to permit AMTOR in the hf bands.

Also enclosed is a copy of a letter from Wally Linstruth, WA6JPR. I would appreciate your thoughts on these subjects and any others that you think should be considered by the committee.

Finally, there is a copy of a "News from Washington" column in a recent IEEE VTS periodical giving an executive summary of an FCC PRB document, "The Future of Digital Technology in the Private Radio Services," for your information.

Paul L. Rinaldo, W4RI

In the Matter of )

PR Docket No. 81-699 - RM-3788

Use of Additional Digital Codes in the Amateur Radio Service

(Proceeding Terminated)

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