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Thanks for your willingness to publish the TAPR report. I won't be able to reload same until tonight. If that fits in with your schedule , fine. Otherwise, I'll understand. We've begun a new effort here to finish both the hardware and software "on schedule", but the work loads of the group have been uncompromising in the last many weeks. Lyle is writing assembler interrupts for the 6809, while Margaret and several of us are going to be writing all aspects of the TAPR protocol in Pascal, and offering each level as we finish them to all interested parties, in hopes they will try other protocols and interface ideas. ( Talk to Dave and Terry... will they write the AX.25 protocol directly onto a 6809 TNC? Gordon has already promised to write the AX.25 interface code to sit on the top of the TAPR protocol.)

I'll bring all hardware and software developed to date with me when Lyle and I see at the AMSAT meetings. I'll drop off a copy of either the alpha or 6809/alpha boards when I see you there.

Please look for more here tonight.

73, Den


To: All Packet Stations
From: Hank Magnuski, KA6M
Date: 12 October 1892

Special to AMSAT Satellite Report -- de Hank Magnuski, KA6M


As part of the October 10th, 1982 AMSAT (Amateur Satellite Corp.) general meeting, president Tom Clark, W3IWI, invited a number of leaders of active packet radio groups to come to a special working committee meeting on Friday, October 8th, to discuss the future development of AMICON, the AMSAT International Computer Network, and a new project tentatively called PACSAT I, a low-altitude orbit, all digital store-and-forward transponder. To Tom's great surprise, a number of people showed up, representing these groups: New Jersey - Phil Karn, KA9Q; Tucson Area Packet Radio (TAPR) - Den Connors, KD2S and Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD; St. Louis Area Packet Radio (SLAPR) Pete Eaton, WB9FLW; AMRAD (a big WAPR) - Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, Dave Borden, K8MMO, Terry Fox, WB4JFI, Bob Carpenter, W30TC, and Eric Seace, K3NA; the Pacific Packet Radio Society - Hank Magnuski, KA6M; AMSAT - Tom Clark, W3IWI, and Jan King, W3GEY.

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