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2k RAM.

Thus a populated board will cost only $30 + $117 = $147 U.S. in kit form. This includes VE7CVS's version of the LIPTT and TIPTT if you give the defaults needed (callsign, etc.).

The separate listings for individual ICs is for those who need only those parts. Hopefully we did not discourage anyone permanently from getting involved in Packet Radio.

73 es cul
John, VE7ADE



I'm sending you a copy of a letter which is being sent to all coordinators this week. We need to know who out there wants to help with the test still. At this time, I only have about 140 known "confirmees", but we need to have those people reconfirm. We have a "drop dead" date of Nov. 7, for we will order the first set of parts the next day. Feel free to use this medium to advise me of any late additions/cancellations up to that time. It's finally upon us!


1) The beta boards will be sent with 24K (2764) EPROM and 6K RAM.

2) All cables and connectors (except the radio connector) will be shipped.

3) The transformer, power cable and fuse/ fuse-holder will also be shipped.

4) The software that will be on-board will be a VADCG-like protocol written by Lyle WA7GXD for testing operation and compatibility.

5) If the software is ready, AX.25 protocol will be available, courtesy of the efforts of Margaret KV7D and Harold NK6K et. al. in L.A.

6) If the software is ready, TAPR/ DA (dynamic addressing) protocol will be available, courtesy of Marc WA7PXW and Dave N7AIG.

Tucson Amateur Packet Radio
October 21, 1982

Dear Beta Coordinator:

We are nearing the time when Beta Test will be in high gear, with TNCs being built, tested, and shipped. We are writing you to let you know our anticipated schedule, and to make our request for firm orders.

At present, the final layout of the Beta board is being done through the efforts of SLAPR, our affiliate in St. Louis.

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