Bulletins from the Pacific Packet Radio Society - page 122

15 Nov Receive layout

25 Nov Receive parts

29 Nov Fabricate boards

7 Dec Stuff boards Burn proms Make cables

9 Dec Integrate boards ]Write documentation

Test & repair

14 Dec Pack boxes (final payment due)

20 Dec Ship

Assuming parts are ordered according to this schedule, the vendors will need to be paid no later than December 15. Therefore, your participants should plan on completing payment prior to this date.

Thanks very much for your interest and assistance. Your efforts will help to make packet radio the success so many have believed it to be capable of.

Den KD2S and Dan KV7B



tnx for reply on the document. Den and I have re-written the PACSAT section and I'll forward it to y'all vy soon. N5AHD and I ran a total of nearly 3 hours of packets on 10m this weekend, with K8MMO acting as SWL. Dave plans to be ready to xmit by next weekend. I think that the 10m tests are relevant to the AMICON planning lcuz we are working on a fading and QRM-filled channel. Still it wrkd well except the blankety-blank M03 software seems to keep eating pointers or stack or sumthin'. After abt 10-20 minutes, things disconnect themselves and TNC goes into a state of catatonia. Has anyone ever found what the problem is? I I m sure it's happened to others and that the Washington area ROM clones aren't unique.

73, tom

TO: Tom, W3IWI
FM: Hank, KA6M

Glad to hear you're having such good luck on ten. I wouldn't have expected it. That band used to be my favorite in high school, and brings back many memories. I have no HF equipment at the moment, unfortunately.

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