Bulletins from the Pacific Packet Radio Society - page 150

The DG remains the one and only.

2. An RTTY gateway or an RTTY mailbox packet port.

3. Better mailbox software and interface for the DG.

4. Network performance analysis writeups.

5. A 20 meter or other HF packet port or gateway.

6. PPRS Bylaws written up.

7. More VADCG's on the air. I have sold TNCs and burned eproms for people who just disappeared into the woodwork. The completion rate of projects is surprisingly small.

8. The regular transfer of ARRL bulletins and HAMNET bulletins to our network.

9. Interface boards for the APPLE, TRS-80, and IBM PC.

10. Linkup to LA. Selection of RF sites and channels.

11. Networking software.

12. Improved DG host port facilities (antenna & software)

On the positive side, these two events are very significant:

National agreement on link level standards.

Development of the TAPR TNC board.


To: amsat
CC: vrip,vita,dloughmiller
Subj: News Release for AMSAT Nets


Jan 14,1983 -- The Radio Amateur Satellite Corp. (AMSAT) and the Volunteers In Technical Assistance (VITA) I note -- pronounce as VI-TAH as in the word vitalˆ have today announced their intent to pursue a joint effort to develop a low-cost packet radio satellite system called PACSAT.

VITA, headquartered in Rosslyn, VA, is a private, nonprofit organization that supports people working on technical problems in developing countries with technical information provided by thousands of volunteer scientists, engineers and technologists. The information and assistance VITA provides is aimed at helping local people in developing countries to select and implement technologies appropriate to their local situations.

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