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Part 97 of the Commission's Rules and Regulations, 47 CFR Part 97, is amended as follows:

In Section 97.69, paragraphs aV and (b) are revised to read as follows:

97.69 Digital Communications.

(a) The use of the digital codes specified in paragraph (b) of this section is permitted on any amateur frequency where Fl is permitted, subject to the following requirements:

1 The sending speed shall not exceed the following:
(i) 300 baud on frequencies below 28 MHz;
(ii) 1200 baud on frequencies between 28 and 50 MHz;
(iii) 19.6 kilobaud on frequencies between 50 and 220 MHz;
(iv) 56 kilobaud on frequencies above 220 MHz.

(2) When type A2, Fl or F2 emissions are used, the radio or audio frequency shift (the difference between the frequency for the "mark" signal and that for the "space" signal as appropriate, shall be less than 900 Hz.

(3) When type A2 or F2 emissions are used, the highest fundamental modulating frequency shall be less than 3000 Hz.

(b) Except a s provided for in paragraph (e) of this section, only the following digital codes, as specified, may be used:

(1) The international Telegraph Alphabet Number 2 (commonly known as Baudot); provided that transmission shall consist of a single channel, five unit (start-stop) teleprinter code conforming to the International Telegraph Alphabet Number 2 with respect to all letters and numerals (including the slant sign or fraction bar); however, in the "figures" positions not utilized for numerals, special signals may be employed for the remote control of receiving printers, or for other purposes indicated in this section.

(2) The American Standard Code for Information Interchange (commonly known as ASCII); provided that the code shall conform to the American Standard Code for Information Interchange as defined in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Standard X3.4-1968.

(3) The international Radio Consultative Committee (CCIR) Recommendation 476-2 (commonly known as AMTOR); provided that the code, baud rate and emission timing shall conform to the specifications of CCIR 476-2 (1978) Mode A or Mode B.

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