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exchanged HDLC packets on 14.075 MHz. The QSO was short and experimental, but packets were successfully exchanged in both directions.

As far as I know, this is the first HF contact on the West coast, and maybe the first HF contact on HDLC packet.

I would be interested in learning of any prior HF contacts to this one. Our thanks to Howard for getting it all together, and opening up a new pathway.

73, Hank

FILE QST.82.02.1l.O.VE7ADE

SENT: 10 FEB 82 23:19:44
READ: 11 FEB 82 09:05:31


There have been several requests for information on repeaters. If I understand correctly, the program we had in the beacon ROM #5 wa s adequate for a start. The people at Camosun College are hot to trot and a repeater in Victoria that will guarantee access to Vancouver is one of the things they would like to get started on. They are, first on the list for our kit and are anxious to get it as the course they are going to build it on is already going.

John Hopkins at BCIT is also interested in getting a couple of the boards as well and for the same purpose; to familiarize the students with the latest communications protocols.

Could you send us a repeater PROM suitable for use by the various groups looking for it. We need to publish it in the newsletter and make it available in PROM format. If the present program isn't acceptable (with the beacon part disabled or removed) can you tell me what it might take to get one going?
What is the Digipeater that the San Fran group have going?

Can you find out if Larry got the stuff I sent him on Bob's HF proposed experiment. Could you get his new unlisted number for us. Bob is anxious to get comments from him about it as he has just about finished the wire-wrap and will be ready to start on the air experiments, which Larry offered to help out with by setting up a second board at his end. I will put a copy of the note in the envelope with the rest of the PRNET proceedings.

GN, John

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