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Date: 14 February 1 982
From: Hank, KA6M
To: All Packet Stations

I recently talked to Gordon Beattie from New Jersey about their progress. They still don't have their VADCG's running (to my surprise) and are less far along than I thought. Gordon invited me to log into his BBS, 201-785-3565, which I did, and I picked up two very interesting documents reporting on some recent meetings. Also picked up all current entries in their conference system concerning packet. These files are named NJ1.DOC, NJ2.DOC, and NJ3.DOC, and you are all encouraged to look at them. They will be on the system for about a month and then deleted.

Regards (and happy Valentine's Day too! ),




I wrote a letter to SM5HEV, Jens Zander and arranged for a 'sked' on the HF bands. Last Sunday I got through on 15 and 10 meters and talked with Jens for about an hour. Signals were very good both ways. Here are some of the things he discussed:

Jens is working on his PhD at the University of Linkoping. He and Paul Forsheimer and a group of undergraduates are working on development of a packet radio system. They are developing both the software and the hardware. They have received permission from the Swedish Dept of Communications to test the system on 434MHz. and expect to make the test sometime this summer. I am especially interested in the packet radio they are constructing because they expect it to go at a speed of lOOkBaud. From what I have been told the radio is designed very much along the lines that I proposed but developed totally independently. So far I do not have any details of the circuits, board layouts, etc. but Jens may be sending some detailed information to me in a few weeks. Jens specializes in the software and Paul specializes in the hardware for the project and I guess that the undergraduates do all the mundane work.

Jens also says that Karl Meinzer, Dj4ZC, at the University of Marburg who is a member of AMSAT-DL has told him that they are working on an Amateur Digital satellite which would work at lOOkBaud. I understand that it is being developed with the help of an Amsat group in Hungary. I do not know any details at the present time so you can treat it as a rumor until it can be confirmed.

For those interested, I have another 'sked' with Jens this coming Sunday at 1515GMT on 21.220 MHz. My call is VE7APU/3 and

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