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benefit from.

Will call Don, VE7AOG, as soon as I'm finished here to have him send the bare boards. Unless Bob, VE7CYB, moves very quickly, the documentation will not be ready until later. Hopefully less than a week. I will put up a copy of the material list on here to help you get started in the meantime.

Cost is set at $12 US. Could you tell me what your customs does when we send such boards down across the border? We've never heard anyone comment on it although I guess quite a few were sent from Bellingham. The boards were made in the States if that helps.

Thanks es 73,

Here is the 1200 baud radio 202 modem material list

120r 1/4w R14
560r 1/4w R27,28
560r 1/2w R2,6,10937,38,40,42
? R20
4.7k 1/4w Rl,3t8
10k pot. R16,18,34
10k 1/4w R15
18k 1/4w R33
30k 1/4w R17,25,26,30
47k 1/4w R12
100k 1/4w R21,22,31
470k 1/4w R29
510k 1/4k R32
2.2M 1/4w R24

lnf - C8
2.2nf - C16
l0nf - C15
22nf - C3
27nf - Cl 2
lOOnf - C5,6,7,11,13
150nf - Cl4
luf 16V - C4
louf 16v - Cl,2,10,17,18
68uf 16V - C9

Dl-DlO lN4148 or any small signal diode

Ql-Q7 PN3643 or equiv.

I. C. s

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