Bulletins from the Pacific Packet Radio Society - page 031

U1 4069 CMOS hex inv
U2 4528 CMOS dual MMV
U3 XR2206 vco
U4 XR2211 demod.
U5 4053 CMOS analog sw.
U6 LM324 quad opamp

LEDs: almost any LED will do. Current use:
DS1 squelch yellow
DS2 RTS red
DS3 TXD red
DS4 RXD green
DS5 DCD yellow

Let us know how the boards work.

FILE QST.82.03-06.0.K8mmo


1. WE NEED 8273s. We are all out here. I have 10 boards just received on consignment from Vancouver, but no chip sets. I just sold two and those guys need chips.

2. The latest packet newsletter suggests Doug's old gang is paying $50 for them. That is what my supplier here suggests in plastic ($73 in ceramic). If you want to go a 100 buy, I could help by taking fifty. Maybe it is time to push Intel on the offers?

3. Glad you like the repeater program. Jon, KE3Z does fine work. I am burning one for the St. Louis area tonight. They are a great way to get the city on the air. People hear the repeater and want to take part.

4. 1 finally received my $17 CPU2 board from my friend in Texas. Sorry there are probably no more at that price. Anyhow, I will be interested in your internetting software. I am going to bring it up with a prom at $E000 and 6116 ram (now $7 per- back of Byte). Then, I will download programs to it from my "big" S100 machine.

5. You are having a baby? Could be good trick! Glad to hear about the development, but it could slow down your packet activity a little. The little ones do not sleep on our schedule.

6. Yes leave all QEX here. I read the mail, dump it to disk, call up Paul and dump it to him. He then edits it and prints final version on his printer which he takes to commercial printer who mails it out. All submissions are gladly taken.

73...Dave and the AMRAD gang

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