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FILE QST. 82. 04. 03. 0. VE7ADE

SENT: 03 APR 82 19:18:38
READ: 04 APR 82 00:41:23

The project I am involved with at work is a unit similar to the TNC board but with four async ports and X.25 on the line side. I am looking after the hardware design so I am not yet much concerned with the high level software which is in C. The programmers are still looking around for compilers and linkers to achieve exactly what you are considering. The C source is currently on a PDP 11/70 and will be switched over shortly to a VAX, both under UNIX. The compilers, etc. will be run on the VAX. There were several other names of software vendors we found but I'm not sure if they would be much use to us since the packages are probably meant only for the larger machines.

If the source code you came up with were compatible with the compiler we settle on I'm sure it would be possible to run it through up here. The problem of course would be in shipping the files back and forth during debugging. I'll get the vendors' names in case they are any use to you.

73 es cul
John, VE7ADE


To: All packet stations
From: Mojo AA4KB/6
Date: 04-APR-82

This message received on CompuServe HAMNET today:

#: 3674 Sec. 9 - RTTY/PACKET PEOPLE
04-Apr-82 12:09:38
Fm: Jim Jones WB9QZN 70050,201

Packet Radio is getting started in Chicago, W9SKD and myself WB9QZN (VQ9JJ) are working on getting something work up. Right now Dick (W9SKD) is getting an RTTY BBS going. This is running under CP/M, using a modified version of BYE75 and RBBS. We are using my BBS as a clearing house for Packet Radio information. The phone number is (312) 759-7005. Voice (312)759-4747. The BBS will accept 300, 450 and Ma-Bell 1200 Baud rates. If the phone rings more than once, then I'm using the computer. Most times I get the BBS up by 1 1 pm CST. I will try and check into here at least once a weekend.

73's Jim WB9QZN

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