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1 ) Transmit on Repeater input frequency

2) Receive on Repeater output frequency

3) Receive on Repeater input frequency

This multiple receive frequency capability will be of special value to Repeater control stations and implements compliance with provisions of FCC Docket 18803.

The FM-21 is designed for mobile operations from standard 12.6 VDC (negative ground) vehicular systems. Current consumption is sufficiently low to permit "cigarette-lighter" operations. A convenient mobile mounting bracket is furnished with the FM-21. The unit will perform as an excellent base station when used with an external power supply.

The FM-21 is factory wired for 6 channel operation. Up to 5 additional channels may be readily added with an inexpensive modification kit. Crystals for the CRYSTAL SAVER can be furnished directly from the factory where a stock of all proposed channels is maintained, or from most Clegg Distributors.


Note: The sample FM-21 obtained from Clegg did not have a mobile mounting bracket or microphone. The CRYSTAL SAVER crystals were furnished, as were crystals for 222.98, 223-34, and 223.50 MHz. The power connector, also not included, was readily obtained from Radio Shack. The unit supplied required extensive tune up to make it operational. A factory preparation "manual" was supplied for this. I believe the minimum instruments needed to do a proper tune-up are a frequency counter (good to 220 MHz), and a high impedance voltmeter (reading in the millivolt range). A dummy load should also be included in this list. Weak signal sources could be had by loosely coupling a signal from a local repeater to the coax connector. - W2FPY



SENSITIVITY: .25 uv (MAX) for 12 db SINAD

SELECTIVITY: Adjacent channel (40 kHz) down 50 db


AUDIO RESPONSE: 300 to 3200 Hz; Standard EIA characteristics

AUDIO POWER: 1.5 watts at 10% THD to internal or external speaker

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