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message describing the new protocol. Ron sent you his initial message. Here is another where he gives some more of his ideas.



Date: 15 July 1982 4:18 pm EDT (Thursday)

From: Sewhuk.HENR

Subject: Re: Packet Radio Internals

In-reply-to: Danielson.pals message of 15-Jul-82 11:48:11PDT

To: Danielson-Pa

cc: Sewhuk, RBrown.pa

I would send ad7i stuff directly but laurel points at the To: line and says there is an error in it somewhere, I can't see any, if you can tell be what incantation it took to send that, let me know.

I understand that that is the header used to connect two people together with, not a "gateway" header. You may and probable would like to have a different packaging scheme to connect gateways together in the future. For the present we won't have enough geographical coverage to even consider gateway-to-gateway communications. I think it is important to have a standard, ala-pup way of connecting two stations together. If this method is reasonably done, we can later grow into gateway handled traffic, mail, file transfers, etc.

The things done now should be as general as possible to allow experimentation by a Saturday afternoon TRS-80 owning guy who knows little about packets and programming with enough room to grow in the future. Putting little "repeater reject" fields in the wrong way to go. Things like that get inadvertently made into standards and it becomes a thorn forever more.

The simple header: to from length checksum is the best way to go. Everything else can be added later after the length field. A simple implied routing scheme that in the future can be eliminated if desired is the best first cut I can see. In that I mean uucp-like routes of the form:

W6RPT!WA6JFZ W6RPT!N2GH leng checksum.

With a format like that, which is a simple extension of what I have see so far, you can describe a routine through a repeater. By appending a letter to everyone's call you can even describe a path through your own repeater. If you think that you can get routing, a repeater program, terminal interface programs running all concurrently, my hats off to you. Our group felt that was a

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