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bit too ambitious. A repeater's property is that you strip the first field off the TO, re-transmit what left. There is other stuff that can be done, like assuming you reverse path is the same as the forward path, i.e.:

W6RPT!WA6JFZ "!N2GH leng checksum.

Mostly to shorten headers. An example using "socket numbers this time of talking to you through my repeater:

N2GHR!WA6JFZ0 N2GHR!N2GH0 leng checksum.

With the techniques I have seen to date, there is no easy way to describe this connection without building all these "bags"/"kludges" in to the header structure, making us implementers write many more lines of code, etc.

In summary I see two issues that maybe getting confused:

1) The low level how do two people communicate to each other.
2) How will he leave his local network to go to bigger and better places.

I think we should look at issue 1 very closely now, it could last a surprisingly long time until we reach the critical mass to address issue 2's problems. For instance my "gateway" (N2GHG a possible name) could have the property of looking through the info field for more routing stuff, latitude, longitude, commands, etc. I don't see that coming 'til we blaze more trails and reach a critical mass of users going.

Let me know what you think, what others think, I personally think that most of what has been happened has been done on whim without looking far enough into what you want to happen. No doubt their stuff works, why else would they be pushing it", but looking past that I see a potential can of worms forming.



General Message

The project to be developed here in Ottawa for the 1982/83 season, and probably 83/84 as well will be a microprocessor based VHF METEOR SCATTER communications system. Planning for this has been underway since early this year and a test program will commence in early spring 183. Participation in other packet radio projects has been suspended for the duration.

To maintain contact with you (beyond this medium) I have just started to wire wrap up the AMTOR project on a card. Who else out there is using AMTOR? I need the ASSEMBLER listing for the 6802 G3PLX software - has anyone got the listing on this side of the ATLANTIC yet? Is anyone really on 14.076 with AMTOR ????

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