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The following is a partial list of people who are attending the Conceptual Design Milestone Meeting this weekend at Goddard Space Flight Center, or who cannot make it, but will be working on the team at least through the design phases. Some people may change their minds, and some unannounced people will undoubtedly show up.

From Tucson, I will represent the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corporation. Lyle Johnson WA7GXD, our new President, will be unable to attend the meetings, but will be able to provide both general digital engineering consulting and provide parts procurement services.

Phil Karn KA9Q will be providing the results of a large variety of systems concepts arguments, and will provide an enormous amount of engineering expertise on all aspects of the project.

Harold Price NK6K will be representing the Los Angeles packet group, and has been the primary pre-architect of the software structure for the entire PACSAT system. Dave Henderson KD4NL will not be attending, but will be working with Harold on lower level interfaces.

Chuck Murcko N2AOL will be coming down from Central New Jersey. He and KM2T are bringing an expertise in microprocessor hardware and RF design, and are interested in both the general design and in the ground station design.

Port Barlow is the secretary for the project, and will provide the group with support. He just happens to be very active in the TAPR packet Beta test, and will be involved in the interface of the PACSAT system with ground networks, along with John DuBois W1HDX.

Larry Keyser WA3ZIA will be handling the static CMOS RAM architecture for the satellite subsystem. Although Larry won't be at the meeting, the Ottawa group should be represented.

Steve Robinson W2FPY and Vern Riportella have been looking at the bubble memory subsystems, and will be appraising us of this technology. Steve is the head of R&D for AMSAT, and will therefore be involved in several aspects of the system design.

Tom Clark has been the primary protagonist of PACSAT from before the beginning. He will be involved in all design aspects of the system, and should be the softest shoulder to cry on, next to mine.

Jan King has been working on the initial system design of PACSAT, and will continue as one of the primary architects, along with Karl Meinzer, especially in the fields of modulation techniques, spacecraft design and launch acquisition. Jan will be involved in discussions with a number of external groups as the VP of

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