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Engineering for AMSAT to smooth the way for PACSAT.

Martin Sweeting will be over from the UOSAT project office to provide the experience of the OSCAR 9 project~ and to negotiate design efforts by the AMSAT/UK at Surrey team.

Miki Nakayama, the primary architect of JAMSAT's PACSAT project, will not be attending these meetings, but will be involved in separate meetings next month on the west coast with the PACSAT team.

Hank Magnuski KA6M will also not attend. Hank is the manager of the AMICON subsystem on the phase III bird, and will be at meetings next month also on the west coast.

Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, will be attending the Saturday meetings. Paul has been looking at modulation techniques for AMICON and HF linking, and is working on MSK modulation systems currently.

Bill Reed WD0ETZ has been working on packet bulletin board systems, and will be looking at the higher-level protocols for the PACSAT software.

Several other members of AMSAT should be available for the meetings. Bob Diersing N5AHD may be attending,as will Jim Skoog. Some of the AMSAT locals to the Washington area will hopefully also attend.

The Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA) will be sending one or two representatives to see the goings-on, and to report on VITA's fund-raising efforts.

Finally, it is hoped that members of the Independent Space Research Group (ISRG) who will be at AMSAT HQ that weekend will also be able to participate.

While this list is not complete, it should provide an indication of the level of representation at the meetings this weekend. There are several other groups who have expressed an interest in assiting, but who will not be at this particular set of meetings. I'll be updating this list as the project progresses.

73, Den




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